I am a full-time researcher writer for Eden Project, an educational charity that, amongst other things, created a jungle in a Cornish clay pit.

Languages Spoken: English, Spanish, French
Time Zone: Central European Time

The climate crisis is already here. But so are the solutions.

Do you feel overwhelmed in the face of the climate crisis? Good. That means you’re a rational and reasonable human being.

But we cannot afford to be paralysed by that fear.

We already have all the solutions that we could possibly need to halt biodiversity loss and stabilise our climate. From rewetting peatlands to soil carbon sequestration to rewilding the oceans – the solutions we need can be found in nature today.

The problem is not that we don’t know what to do or that we don’t know how to do it. The problem is not financial – it costs us far more money to do nothing than to invest in climate positive projects!

The problem is twofold:

  1. Too many of us believe that we are somehow separate from nature. We have forgotten that we are part of an interconnected living system that provides clean water, breathable air, and food to eat.
  2. Fear is taking up too much space. It is paralysing us at a time when we need to act.

Understanding that the health of people and the planet can not be separated, my writing helps reconnect people with the living system that they are part of. I work to bring hope and healing to people and the natural world. Because we need both of those things by the bucket load.

Work Experience

Researcher Writer (2022 – Present)
Since January 2022, I’ve worked as a researcher writer for Eden Project. I create research documents and storylines for climate exhibits and regenerative agriculture projects. My work must inspire a delicate balance of hope and urgency in the million visitors that come to Eden every year.

Freelance writer (2019 – 2022)
I worked as a freelance content marketing writer and journalist while living in an off-grid van conversion. My niches included Leave-No-Trace Wild Camping, Zero Waste Living and Regenerative Agriculture. I wrote for major publications including YES!, Lonely Planet, and Your Horse, as well as supporting mission-driven businesses like Soil Heroes. You can see some clips here!

Permaculture, Ranching, & More (2018-2019)
After graduating, I moved back to my childhood bedroom and worked as an activity manager in a care home specialising in palliative care and Dementia & Alzheimers. Later in the year, I worked seasonally on horse ranches and spent time volunteering on permaculture projects as I hitchhiked and wild camped around the UK.

International Development & Spanish (2014 – 2018)
I studied International Development & Spanish at the University of Leeds, including a year abroad at Juan Carlos Tercero, Madrid. While studying, I supervised the University Union bar and worked as an Outdoor Activity Facilitator for fellow students. I was secretary of the University Boxing Club and an active member of the Horse Riding Society and Buddhist Meditation Society. I was selected for and completed the Emerging Leaders Program and cycled from Leeds, England to Berlin, Germany in aid of Bicycle Ambulances, Malawi. (Grade – 2:1)

Ranch Hand, Nanny, and House Keeper (2013-2018)
From leaving school to the end of my university studies, I worked seasonally on a horse ranch in the Sierra Nevada mountains, Southern Spain. I took care of 20+ horses as well as rescue and foster animals like dogs, cats, chickens, geese, and more. Living totally off-grid in blistering summers and freezing winters helped me become a resilient person that feels most at ease in nature. Some seasons, I worked as a nanny to the two young children and other seasons I exercised horses or managed a team of international workers on the ranch. I assisted the vet and blacksmith, cooked chilli by the bucket load, and learned to wash my clothes in a river.

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