Hello there!

I’m a Researcher Writer based in the Hautes Pyrenees. I specialise in Climate Solutions and Soil Regeneration.

I studied International Development and Spanish at the University of Leeds. I chose that course as a young country bumpkin because I wanted to save the world. But four years of studying the world’s biggest problems really took it out of me.

Disillusioned and disheartened, I took off with a tent and started hitchhiking and wild camping my way around Europe. I worked as an outdoor adventure writer on the road to earn my keep.

Like so many people, I felt a lot of despair about the future of planet earth, and I kept running as fast as I could to avoid the sense of impending doom.

But I kept crossing these incredible people that were healing the land with permaculture, agroforestry, and regenerative agriculture. I met off-gridders, foragers, and organic farmers. For the first time in my life, I felt more inspired to do something than compelled to run away.

It turns out that hope is more motivating than fear.

So, I stopped running!

I settled down in a mountain cottage where I tend to my regenerative garden and study local soil under my microscope. I took courses in soil microbiology, regenerative gardening, and soil advocacy. To help my messages sink in, I learned more about human psychology with CBT, confidence, and mindfulness life coaching qualifications.

I had the pleasure of working with many wonderful clients before I was hired as a full-time researcher writer for an international educational charity.

Location: I work from my home office in France, for a UK based charity.

If we don’t have hope, we will not act. The stories we tell will decide our fate.

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