Building Healthy Relationships

Healthy relationships do not just come around my accident. It takes practice, patience, and constant learning to establish respectful boundaries and build connections based on mutual trust. 

My articles about healthy relationships are non judgemental and supportive, but they also challenge the reader to take responsibility for the role that they play in every relationship. 

Writing Experience

I have written about healthy relationships and boundaries for a range of publications. Here are some clips:

Life Experience

My professional interest in compassionate communication comes from when I was working in end of life and Dementia care.

Supporting families and patients in some of the most difficult circumstances inspired me to learn more about communication, and the importance of supporting people, rather than trying to save them. (Because it is so much healthier to teach people to take care of themselves than initiate cycles of dependency!)

Mindfulness and compassion are also important parts of my daily life. I practice yoga and meditation, and I am always reading more about communication, compassion, and self-growth. Time spent at meditation and retreat centres has deeply influenced my approach to these themes.

Relevant Qualifications

  • Confidence Life Coach Certification 
  • Mindfulness Life Coach Certification 
  • CBT Life Coach Certification 
  • SEO by Moz

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