My Pledge

When inspired, human beings can achieve extraordinary things with compassion and courage. When afraid, human beings can be apathetic and cruel.

In my career and my personal life, I will seek to inspire positive change for humans, animals, wildlife, and the living earth.

I will do my best to share the truth. (While acknowledging that there is very rarely one universal truth at all).

I will communicate compassionately and openly. I will not contribute to fear and panic that leads to anxiety, paralysis, and violence.

I will not contribute to the fragmentation of human society.

I will seek guidance from traditional wisdom, listening humbly to the teachings of Indigenous Peoples.

I will constantly reflect on how I can improve my listening and communicating skills.

I will live in line with my values, by seeking to minimise my carbon footprint, water footprint, and waste footprint.

I will be generous with my time and resources.

Rachel Horne

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