Soil Regeneration Technology

Climate Change, Plastic Pollution, Mass Extinctions and the Human Health Crises are just a handful of issues that can be reversed by regenerating our soils. 

The good news is, we already have all the technology we need to shift to Regenerative Agriculture. And we can increase crop yields and farmer profit at the same time!

Writing Experience

I have written about biological gardening practices for a range of publications. You can find some clips below:

Life Experience

I have spent the last few years travelling around Europe, volunteering at different homesteads, ranches, and farms to learn about implementing Permaculture in different soil types. 

From the lush valleys of the Rhine, to the mountains of Southern Spain, the dusty hills of Arkansas, and the rocky islands of Scotland, I have learned to produce food in harmony with nature in a huge range of climates.

I regularly attend conferences, talks, and webinars by leading soil scientists, regenerative farmers, and water-cycle experts.


I am currently training to become a soil analyst. This rigorous 6 month course in microbiology, soil chemistry, and microscopy gives me deeper insight into Regenerative Agriculture.

If you would like to hire me to write some content, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.